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If you want to start a python script and if the developper white page fears you, you are very welcome on this page. I have updated an old project of script template written in python.  You have only to think about what you want to do, the script will handle other stuffs, like parameters, logging function. If you want to dowload the script, you can go on the project page, or download it directly.

Also available a debian building environment, where you will have to replace all the pytemplate references by the name fo your package. Be carefull, using this building environment, I advise you the new debian maintainer’s guide if you are not familiar the debian policies.

Comments are very welcome.


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2 Responses to pytemplate: a main script template

  1. ghantoos says:

    Great stuff you’ve got here. I’ll definitely be taking as a template when starting a new thing.

    Just 2 thoughts though:
    1- I’d rather put the comment under the call/def/function to be able to use through the __doc__ attribute
    2- do you have more info on the debian building environment? This would be really cool!


  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comments. Here are my answers:
    1- Good ideas, I’m not that much familiar with the __doc__ attribute, but I’ll take this opportunity to give a glance on it. It will be for 1.2 version.
    2- Debian building environment is an amazing framework. I will write a specific howto on my pytemplate building, but I really advise you, if you are interested in being a debian developper, to read the new maintainer guide.


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